Reviews and Testimonials

“She has everything.”
Marvin Hamlisch

“Watching Dianne Legro present and watching OTHERS experience Dianne, is a rare and transformative happening! Her deep insights and her way with people is a masterful gift that helps audiences to understand themselves and catch fire!”
Dr. William Sharwell, AT&T Senior President, AT&T Foundation Director

“I completely owe my success as a speaker in my industry to Dianne. I was so confused and fearful to begin speaking, and she helped me do everything. She helped me to create a fabulous presentation and deliver it, and it is completely successful! I thank you, Dianne!”
Tori Gable,
Real Estate Agent for Keller Williams

“Because I had “The Dianne Factor” I got a standing ovation in Vienna at Roche-Farma, the pharmaceutical giant, from surgeons from all over the world. My business is booming, and I am so glad I found Dianne. She helped me become a success!”
Kelly Perkins, Author, Mountain Climber, Speaker

“Dianne, you were such a great help in preparing me for my television appearance. Your hints were right on point and made it so easy for me to feel at ease during the interview. You truly are an expert at showing others how easy it can be to deliver a message. Thank you for being the awesome teacher and coach that you are.”
Rhonda Sher

“Dianne, thank you for the “just in time” coaching support on my debut speak to a large public audience. I not only received great reviews and personal acknowledgements from the participants on how inspiring the message was, but also how well it was presented. You are an excellent evaluator of speakers’ weaknesses. Thank you for your pinpoint accuracy of my problem area and for giving me sound advice and exercises on how to fix the problem. The specific tips you suggested on the use of live illustrations and success stories really worked! I’m glad our paths crossed. Thank you!”
Valerie D. W. Rowe, Principal of V’isionSpot Consulting, LLC

“Dianne’s presence/presents to all of us–who have the privilege to experience the breadth and depth of her personal and professional gifts and talents–truly enriches our lives and calls us to more powerfully bring our own voice and story to center stage. Thank you Dianne, for responding to your own spirit-call for our spirits have been lovingly returned as a result.”
Richard Smith, Depth Educator

“My business partner, Duncan, and I were transfixed watching Dianne sing . Then, I turned my head to watch Paul as he began singing too, and Duncan nudged me and said with urgency, “Look at her.” So I turned as he pointed toward Dianne and watched Dianne watch Paul sing. Duncan was transfixed by the quality of her attention, listening–something from his own years in the disciplines of the theater he understands. “She is Fabulous” he said. I felt the same. We didn’t yet know this glorious presence, and only met her after the day’s session was over. I danced into my day, and want to support her work holding the space so beautifully for all of us at the front of that room.”
Judy Brown
Consultant, White House Fellow

“WOW!!! Thanks so much for your gift to the Leadership Forum and to the Marian Community. Your creativity and passion allowed us to go deep inside and to touch the passion in our own hearts, to connect with the values at our center. The visioning and personal goal setting that resulted from the process with you was so much deeper and daring because of the soul space you created for our reflection. Thank you for the great fun and the great learning.”
Gary Boelhower,
Center for Spirituality & Leadership
Virginia L. Duncan Chair
Marian College
Fond du Lac, WI.

“I have been a Dianne watcher for over ten years. Dianne always does something new, daring, and exciting. She challenges herself in front of us, and in doing this, we her audience, grow and have the courage to challenge ourselves.”
Stan Gryskiewiscz, Ph.D
Vice President, Global Initiatives
Senior Fellow, Creativity and Innovation
Center for Creative Leadership

“I first experienced Dianne as she performed a ten hour day of conference activities. She gave an a.m. Workshop, facilitated a luncheon discussion, performed in a 90 minute Keynote Concert of Ideas, rehearsed, and sang brilliantly in a 9pm. Cabaret Concert for the whole convention. Everything she did was filled with artistry, joy, energy and life. I am marveled and moved by this woman.”
Terri Ameen

“She is a critic’s delight!! Her one woman Cabaret is so well written and so much fun, I enjoyed myself every minute!”
Stu Hamstra
Backstage Newspaper

“Her cabaret “Faith, Hope and Parity” showed her attractive classically trained voice to good advantage in material with an art song flavor by such composers as Benjamin Britten and William Bolcom. My favorites were her simple highly focused interpretation of “Some Enchanted Evening”, and her beautiful rendition of “Where Have You Been?.” She was lovely and beautifully touching in this song about a marriage of many years. Her patter showed her to be wry and dry, charming and intelligent as she commanded our attention.”
Roy Sander
Bistro Bits
Backstage News

“I have a feeling Dianne may soon win a MAC AWARD. Her show is a glamourous escape, and watching her go for it is as revealing as it is appealing. Legro has the Classically trained vibrato and lilting soprano that Rodgers and Hammerstein used to write for. So it’s no surprise that the evening’s highlights came in Dick and Oscars melodramatic moments, particularly her delicious version of “Some Enchanted Evening.” She also impressed with hilarious renditions of Murray Grand’s ”Beautiful” and the Bergman’s “On My Way to You.” This show was a mature, personal delight.”
Gregory Young
Cabaret Life Columnist
HX Magazine