Programs K-12

Story Songs ALIVE! – In This character Building program your students co create stories with Dianne focusing on the elements of storytelling, story writing, and performance using familiar musical stories, myths, fables and fairy tales. Students discover their storytelling skills, collaboration skills, theater movement and vocal skills.

Interactive Reading K-4 – Folklore, World Stories and Myths that Teach.

Inner Balance – 6-12 – A 1 Hour wellness workshop to help students discover their mind body connection  to  better focus under pressure and manage stressful situations. Highly participatory.

Les Mis “It’s ALL about Good Decision Making” Enormously popular workshop. Dianne offers the story and performs music from the Broadway show. A powerful discussion flows through the workshop posing problems and challenges of ethical decision making and positing the questions “What would you do?” in the famous decision moments of lead characters in the story.  Students discover their own sense of ethics and morals concerning big decisions.

**Design you own program or concert performance – Discuss your needs with Dianne to create a program or performance that meets your needs.

Myths and Fables – A fun musical, theatrical and literary trip through characters and situations in stories that show us our strengths and our foibles.

The Heroes Journey – The Wizard of Oz, Camelot, Star Wars, The students pick a model and based on  our outline of the Heroes Journey we recreate our own journey with characters, setting, setbacks, triumphs, goals, and success! A storywriting improv that creates new heroes everytime!