“In the Nick of Time” Coaching

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You can have immediate focused coaching with immediate improvement guaranteed.

I specialize in giving you a set of speaking power tools that will make your speech a success, whether it is tomorrow, next week, or next month.

“Dianne, thank you for the “just in time” coaching support on my debut speak to a large public audience. I not only recieved great reviews and personal acknowledgements from the participants on how inspiring the message was, but also how well it was presented. You are an excellent evaluator of speakers’ weaknesses. Thank you for your pinpoint accuracy of my problem area and for giving me sound advice and exercises on how to fix the problem.  The specific tips you suggested on the use of live illustrations and success stories really worked! I’m glad our paths crossed. Thank you!”
Valerie D. W. Rowe, Principal of V’isionSpot Consulting, LLC

“I completely owe my success as a speaker in my industry to Dianne. I was so confused and fearful to begin speaking, and she helped me do everything. She helped me to create a fabulous presentation and deliver it, and it is completely successful! I thank you, Dianne!”
Tori Gable, Real Estate Agent for Keller Williams

Power Tools for Speakers

To be a great speaker requires practice and a great coach. Even the very best speakers know they need another set of eyes and ears to refine their message and delivery. Don’t go on stage without one.

The normal coaching process is filled with many personal victories, large and small, which will make you a master of your speaking event. These changes can happen over a relatively short time. Usually 9 sessions with the right coach is enough to give you the know-how and confidence to give a fantastic speech and feel great doing it.

But Sometimes you need to be a better speaker by tomorrow morning.

I have received calls from many executives and business people who are faced with an immediate challenge that offers them an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. They are smart enough call me to help them make the most of it.

Media events pop up on short notice, other speakers cancel, a new sales job requires a critical presentation…I have heard from people in all of these situations. Consider these two contrasting situations that happened recently.

A client called because of a schedule change in her high profile networking club. She needed to be ready in one week to wow the group. She had meant to call me sooner to help prepare her talk and was now in a panic. She didn’t know how to organize her speech or deliver it. She didn’t know how to use soft sales language to win new clients, and she was a nervous speaker at best.

We met for one evening and we worked from my foolproof “Power Tool” template. And away we went. After our session, she knew what to say. Her confidence soared. When we worked on delivery, it became easier than she had ever thought it could be. Her speech was a hit AND she went home with referrals and new clients.

Another client, a CEO at a large corporation, called me for a free consultation because he was giving a speech to 10,000 people from his company in two weeks. He had concerns about his ability to score as a presenter. He decided, after all, that he could do it himself and would not need any help. His speech was not a success. His delivery was not confident, engaging or powerful enough to motivate his audience and his applause was lukewarm. I know this because he called me afterwards to begin my coaching program and vowed to never again fail at being an electrifying speaker.

Your moment in the spotlight is coming up soon. Which ending do you want?

Call me at 310-922-8192 and start right away to be the speaker you dream of being at your event.

More Happy Clients…

“Because I had “The Dianne Factor” I got a standing ovation in Vienna at Roche-Farma, the pharmaceutical giant, from surgeons from all over the world. My business is booming, and I am so glad I found Dianne. She helped me become a success!”

Kelly Perkins, Author, Mountain Climber, Speaker

“Dianne, you were such a great help in preparing me for my television appearance. Your hints were right on point and made it so easy for me to feel at ease during the interview.  You truly are an expert at showing others how easy it can be to deliver a message. Thank you for being the awesome teacher and coach that you are.”
Rhonda Sher, The 2 Minute Networker

“Dianne’s coaching provided me with the next stepping stones for my career path. I have owned 4 high tech companies and needed expert media coaching fast. Within a month of coaching with Dianne, I became successful on TV and radio and enjoy my personal appearances. She will transform your career and business with her communication training.”
Christopher Dilts, CEO, Entrepreneur