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Gwen Johnson Medina, Clinical Hypnotherapy in Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking/Performance Anxiety<

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Content distributors specializing in material for parenting, family and lifestyle websites and ezines. Both syndicated and archived articles for use on your website or ezine.

Lori Donato presents an in-depth view of Lori Donato’s many talents as a performer, recording artist, pianist, teacher and performance coach. It also includes her perfomance schedule, workshop information and reviews.

Energy Healing School
Energy Healing School teaches Kriya Shakti, an ancient Indian energy healing technique with a series of manifestation processes. Kriya means action and Shakti means power. Power in Action. To add power to your projects in this life learn KriyaShakti. Apply inner world formulas for outer world success.

Lis Lewis and The Singer’s Workshop
Lis Lewis, vocal coach to Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears and Linkin Park among many others, offers pop singers in every style a world of information for their own singing careers. Get insider info on everything from vocal health to creating charisma, from the business of music to rehearsing with a band.

Piano One Performance Arts based learning with Kevin Asbjörnson.