Teaching Artist

Dianne is a seasoned performer and gifted teaching artist highly skilled in her artform. Her programs generate enthusiasm, excitement, participation, discovery and collaboration with students in K-12.  She sings animated stories, and brings books and stories to life with movement, voices, and character development.  Her work is based on research substantiating the vital importance of the performing arts in Learning.

Workshops with Dianne get your students singing, and moving and storytelling with emphasis on literary skills, rhyming, sounding out words, understanding the elements of storytelling, performance and collaboration skills.  Enrich and delight your classes with musical storytelling and movement, musical theater, language arts and critical thinking exercises offered in stand alone workshops, master classes, and  group assemblies.

Performances and Workshops are guaranteed to satisfy core learning standards and deepen your students appreciation and connection to History, the environment, literature, Myths and Fables, Sciences, Social and Emotional Wellness.

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