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Are you enjoying success, yet would like to realize your calling in a more impactful way?


Are you in the business of transforming others and the world and have a desire for an even larger dream?  Or, are you a trailblazer making big contributions to society?

Welcome to the very special coaching that makes your next big steps happen easily and profitably. By coaching with me you can give greater voice, form, presence and power to your boldest ideas and life’s work.


In my practice as a life coach and business consultant, I specialize in helping successful people take the next step to be even better. I create a coaching experience unlike any other.  You are provided a mega-shift to what can be the next wonderful realm in your life and profession.


You will receive a balanced and expert coaching blend of worldly experience, tools and leadership know how, strong intuition, and insight for more life enhancing creativity. I have helped many top people in their professions to find the perfect form for their work, become successful messengers for their vision, their mission and their purpose.


For Speakers, I can also help you develop everything you will need to be a success.  You will find your authentic voice, right audience, create and deliver the right message, create clear plans for your business, discover inspired thinking, partners and resources to help you grow exponentially.


If you are like my clients, in the business of transformation, and have a yearning for a bigger, braver scope for your vision, you can contact me directly to learn how you, your calling and your mission can benefit by coaching with me.    


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Speaking in public is a daunting challenge for most therapists and other coaching and counseling professionals whose comfort level and expertise is in helping clients one to one and in small groups.

If the thought of speaking to groups is a challenge to you and has felt like it would be a compromise to your integrity, services, or your identity, you need to know that there are many ways speaking can create the perfect opportunity right now for you to step out authentically and be a successful speaker while still feeling confident, congruent and proud of the service you provide as a speaker.


You can learn to speak comfortably, confidently and rewardingly to groups in a way that you will feel proud and excited by.

Imagine overcoming your fears about speaking in public. How would it feel to lead a wonderful discussion, exploration and present the true value of your gift to people who appreciate fully who you are and need you? How would it feel to have more and more people referring you, inviting you to their groups to speak and enrolling more clients you want to work with?

The number one way coaches and therapists agree has changed their practice dramatically is to begin leading interactive workshops and discussions. The number one way all practitioners agree to increase your practice is to create meaningful relationships that increase referrals at your next presentation.

I show you how you can learn the tools and techniques for leading groups of interested prospective clients in meaningful interactive discussions that are of service, and actually help enhance your own creativity.


I can help you achieve more visibility and influence in your field, get more referrals and grow even deeper and richer as a speaking practitioner.


Over the past 20 years I have taught and coached many professionals to speak authentically in public and easily grow their business. In the process my clients transform their ideas about their own possibilities and receive the tools to begin successfully taking their practice to the next level by speaking in public to groups right where they are.

I am thanked daily by clients who say I have given them the practice of their dreams, andthat they never could have done it without my assistance with this piece of their marketing and personal development.

It is a powerful strategy to work with a coach who has had success in the area you want to excel in. I know firsthand what it takes to be an authentic fully present speaker and to grow a business using public speaking as the leading factor in business development.

I am a leading coach in the field of embodied learning, voice empowerment, authentic public speaking and business building. I offer speaking success workshop development and coaching, copyrighting, media coaching and business mentorship to individuals and teams who wish to speak to groups, to lead others and have a practice filled with ideal clients. My coaching program develops your unique signature presence that fully realizes your integrity, and provides consulting resources, tools, techniques and methods that help define your own creativity and best choices for success that match your dreams and realities.

Your next step. You have taken a giant step toward your future speaking success just by visiting here to look in a new place for your answers!I will be with you every step of the way on the next steps of your journey. It all starts with a phone call. If you are interested to learn more about how my coaching helps you grow your practice, call me to introduce yourself and your wishes for your practice. This initial phone session will create a mutual understanding of your needs and goals and a clear path for you to proceed.

Next you will receive an in depth intake form. From which, in our first session we will create a timely action plan and goal setting plan for you based on your practice, your lifestyle, your unique identity and your best opportunities today

You can reach me at 310-922-8192 or by email: diannelegro@gmail.com

Your Coaching includes: Your choice of two coaching packages customized to help you develop ideal speaking modalities for you. Your coaching is designed to help you save time, money and effort, to help you build a success spiral from within that takes your business to the kind of success you desire most. We can meet weekly, biweekly or three times a month. Scheduling is also customized for you. If you have an important upcoming speaking opportunity or event, we will meet as often as your needs dictate. Coaching is by phone, email, fax and video – plus you will have access to me anytime you need me to help you succeed.

Together we will focus and design an advanced approach to promoting and growing your skills and impact as a speaker.

To find out more about my speaking coaching and consulting, and how it will help you build your practice or business.

I invite you to think especially about what will be different when you successfully speak to the audiences of your choice, and what exactly it will be like to achieve the success you dream of.

Video critiques and coaching session package. If you have a video of a talk or workshop you have given and want valuable coaching on making it more effective. Call me to find out more about my media coaching package and services.

Need Coaching now? If you have an event soon you need to prepare for, contact me to learn how I can help you completely with your targeted needs right now. Just in Time coaching, copywriting and event optimization.



Need performance coaching right now?


You can have immediate focused coaching with immediate improvement guaranteed.

I specialize in giving you a set of performance power tools

that will make your singing and speaking a success,

whether it is tomorrow, next week, or next month.

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Looking forward to hearing about you.

You can reach me at 310-922-8192 or by email: diannelegro@gmail.com

~ Dianne Legro